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As `green’ auto technology advances and becomes available to the masses, trends are emerging in the market. Specifically, experts say buyers of electric models tend to be younger and more well-off than those shopping for hybrid models.

When compared with hybrid shoppers, EV buyers are more likely to qualify for low interest rates, and they tend to have higher credit scores. 21% have incomes in excess of $175,000 per year, compared with 12% of hybrids drivers.

Experts suggest that these trends could be the result of the younger crowd’s embracing cutting-edge technology, ad well as possessing the financial savvy that makes avoiding the fuel pump all the more appealing. 25% of those leasing an EV are aged 56 and higher, compared with 54% of hybrid drivers.

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Dodge Unveils One-Year Car Lease Program

Dodge has announced plans to offer an innovative one-year leasing program to drivers, offering them the chance to lease the current Challenger or Charger models for 12 months. Then, they will have the opportunity to switch over to the redesigned 2015 models. Called the “Double Up” promotion, it requires a down payment of $2,999 and $329 monthly payments to lease the V6 SXT or the Hemi V8.

At the end of the 12 month period, lessors have the option to trade in for the updated model at the same monthly rate with no additional down payment, for a 36-month lease term. If the customer elects to purchase the new model outright, they may qualify for a $1,000 loyalty rebate.

Customers should keep in mind that while the 2014 model includes a generous 15,000 annual mileage limit, the limit is reduced to 12,000 annually on the 2015 model.

The recently revealed 2015 Charger and Challenger models feature a new electronic power steering system, redesigned front grille, and contemporary new dashboard design.

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The Hidden Value in a Leased Car

A commonly-held belief is that leasing a car is more expensive than buying, but this isn’t always the case achat viagra 50. In fact, it’s possible for some car lessors to come out ahead.

The secret lies in the car’s residual value. This is the amount that the dealer estimates the car will be worth at the end of the lease. However, since it’s set at the beginning of the lease, it’s really just a guess.

When the lease ends, the lessor can often opt to purchase the car at this amount. If the car’s market value is higher than the residual value (for example, due to a shortage of used cars in the market), the lessor can buy it and re-sell it at a profit.

One example is Spencer Hunter, an Oregon man who sold his Toyota Prius for $3,900 more than the residual value after buying out the lease. This was actually $70 more than he spent on the car during the entire course of the lease (not including gas).

It’s tough to predict where the market will go, but if you’re going to lease, cars with a high residual value are usually your best bet. Visit CarLeasingSecrets.com for free quotes from dealers today!

Car Lease Glossary

You can’t be sure you’re getting a good deal on your car lease unless you understand what the salesperson is talking about. Below are some common leasing terms that you may hear when you start shopping for car lease offers. Understanding these terms will help you get past the fast-talking salesman to true savings on your car lease.

Acquisition fee (also sometimes called a bank fee or initiation fee) This is a fee charged by the lender who is financing the lease. They usually start at about $400, and unfortunately they’re often not negotiable.

Adjusted capitalized cost
You can think of this as the car’s value you that will be financing, minus any up front payments or incentives. This is the amount that determines your monthly payment. If you negotiate a price of $26,000 on your new car and put $3,000 down, the adjusted capitalized cost is $23,000.

Dealer preparation fee
This is a fee that dealers charge for the work they do to get the car ready for sale. It really amounts to little more than washing it and filling the tank, so you should try to get it removed.

Gap insurance
Gap insurance is a policy that covers the difference between the amount you owe over the course of the lease, and the current market value of the car that would be paid by your insurance if the car was stolen or totaled. This is important particularly at the beginning of the lease.

This is a provision in the lease contract that protects the lessor from any charges that the lessee incurs. This prevents the lessor from being charged for parking and traffic tickets that the lessee received.

Mileage charge
Leases include limitations for the number of miles you can drive the car during the lease term. If you drive the car over those limits, you will incur this fee, usually calculated per mile. These charges add up quickly, so make sure you have a good idea of how many miles you need before you sign.

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April 2014 Car Lease Offers

Experts predict strong car sales this April, as buyers finally head out to dealerships after a rough winter. Manufacturers continue to offer great incentives to clear out the remaining 2013 models and drive sales of the new 2014 vehicles.

Many car makers are offering low-cost lease incentives. Some models can even be leased for less than $200 per month. Keep in mind that offers vary by region and dealership. To find the lease deals available in your area, request your free quotes from CarLeasingSecrets.com today!

2013 Hyundai Elantra SE
* Monthly Payments: $169
* Lease Term: 36 Month
* MSRP: $20, 230

2014 Honda Pilot Lx
* Monthly Payments: $280
* Lease Term: 36 month
* MSRP: $32,750

2014 BMW X1
* Monthly Payments: $292
* Lease Term: 36 Month
* MSRP: $32,225

2014 Infiniti QX60 Premium
* Monthly Payments: $383
* Lease Term: 39 Month
* MSRP: $44,605

2014 Audi A4 Premium
* Monthly Payments: $334
* Lease Term: 42 Month
* MSRP: $34,845

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