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Post 2009 Era Auto Technology Glossary

Odds are, if you’re looking for a car right now, you’ve heard about some features that you don’t understand. You’ve noticed acronyms you’ve never heard before, like TPMS, VDC or CVT. You know the older terminology. Now it’s time to update your vocabulary before making a decision. Here are the last new technologies and what they mean. Continue reading ‘Post 2009 Era Auto Technology Glossary’ »

New Sports for Sale in the US Soon

Kia GT4 Stinger

Start with an Optima, flatten it, give it about 100 more horsepower and update its face and tail. Then give it Macpherson suspension for its front end and install some driving modes on its computer. What you’ll end up with is something like the Stinger. This new sports car is not only a bold move for Kia, it’s one of the boldest sports cars we’ve seen in years. It just doesn’t quite fit in, and that’s a good thing. Continue reading ‘New Sports for Sale in the US Soon’ »

Safe Driving Tips: Avoiding Traffic Accidents

As you’d expect, driving accidents and fatalities do not occur at the same rate across the globe. Some countries are much safer for drivers than others. According to an article from The Atlantic, two of the safest countries to drive in are Japan and Sweden. We did a little reasearch to find out what gives these countries low accident rates and we’re not surprised. A combination of laws and good manners should be adopted in the US and everywhere else. Here are some examples of safe driving tips for avoiding traffic accidents. Continue reading ‘Safe Driving Tips: Avoiding Traffic Accidents’ »

The 500e looks a lot like the 500X and other non-electric versions of this subcompact vehicle. It’s got a couple of upgrades for better aerodynamics, including a lower front fascia and a rear spoiler, though. It actually looks more like a sport spec than an EV version. Continue reading ‘Are Fiat 500e Deals the Best Car Deals Available?’ »

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