Electric Cars Gain Popularity With A Young, Affluent Crowd »

Electric Cars Gain Popularity With A Young, Affluent Crowd

As `green' auto technology advances and becomes available to the
masses, trends are emerging in the market. Specifically, experts say
buyers of electric models tend to be younger and more well-off than
those shopping for hybrid models.

When compared with hybrid shoppers, EV buyers are more likely to
qualify for low interest rates, and they tend to have higher credit
scores. 21% have incomes in excess of $175,000 per year, compared with
12% of hybrids drivers.

Experts suggest that these trends could be the result of the younger
crowd's embracing cutting-edge technology, ad well as possessing the
financial savvy that makes avoiding the fuel pump all the more
appealing. 25% of those leasing an EV are aged 56 and higher, compared
with 54% of hybrid drivers.

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