The Hidden Value in a Leased Car »

The Hidden Value in a Leased Car

A commonly-held belief is that leasing a car is more expensive than
buying, but this isn’t always the case achat viagra 50. In fact, it’s possible for
some car lessors to come out ahead.

The secret lies in the car’s residual value. This is the amount that
the dealer estimates the car will be worth at the end of the lease.
However, since it’s set at the beginning of the lease, it’s really
just a guess.

When the lease ends, the lessor can often opt to purchase the car at
this amount. If the car’s market value is higher than the residual
value (for example, due to a shortage of used cars in the market), the
lessor can buy it and re-sell it at a profit.

One example is Spencer Hunter, an Oregon man who sold his Toyota Prius
for $3,900 more than the residual value after buying out the
lease. This was actually $70 more than he spent on the car during the
entire course of the lease (not including gas).

It’s tough to predict where the market will go, but if you’re going to
lease, cars with a high residual value are usually your best bet.
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