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Car Leasing Made Easy: Holiday Leasing Tips

The holidays are finally here! For those who are still pondering about leasing their next car then stop thinking and start acting today! We will show you how to make holiday car leasing a little less stressful and a bit more affordable through our holiday car leasing tips.

Remember that smart leasing starts with negotiating the price of the car. Which brings in mind the first tip:

Tip #1: Avoid the Holiday Rush

No, we don’t mean that you should avoid shopping for a car lease today. In fact, the holiday season is the best time to shop for a new car! Year-end lease deals are being offered by every car maker from Acura to Volvo along with other rebate offers that will further lower the leasing price!

What we mean is that you should avoid rushing the decision especially in terms of the price. You may have your holiday savings for now but you know how it is nowadays: money just vaporizes into thin air!

When approaching the car dealer, we highly advise that you talk about the price of the car first before talking about the lease itself. The same can be said for those who want to buy or finance a new car.

Insist only on the invoice price and true dealer cost of the car that you want to lease. Also, be wary about the equipment levels of the car. Remember that more standard equipment means that you have to pay more for the car.

Furthermore, car dealers often advertise lease deals on the top models in their vehicle lineup. It is best to inquire about other lease offerings on base model cars in order to fully determine the right one for your budget.

Tip #2: Get All Your Requirements in Order

Caught in the fast-paced lifestyle of the holiday season? Hold on a minute and catch your breath! If you want to lease a car, you should take the time to organize all the necessary paperwork such as your credit report, proof of income and other credit statements.

Place all of the required paperwork in a separate folder and label it with a marker or pen. This will make it easier for you to present all the necessary requirements when choosing a car at the dealership.

Tip #3: Compare, Compare, Compare!

Again, we are talking about leasing prices. Not all car dealers will present the same lease amount and not all of them will be able to present rebates, incentives and other cash back offers.

Take advantage of our free leasing quote . This service is free and comes with no obligations whatsoever! Get one free quote to find the best lease deals and get multiple quotes to determine which one will help you save more money!

Compare prices and save. You may have heard this phrase before but this is the ultimate truth. Have fun in your holiday car shopping experience!

Europe and the rest of the world have long been enamored by the fantastic merits of a diesel car. It is about time that Americans do the same. Technology has certainly advanced to a point wherein a crude, noisy and sooty diesel engine is now made quiet, refined, and capable of delivering top notch performance.

Thinking about leasing a car? If you are the type of car buyer that always wants the best new cars in the market then you have made the right choice.

Have you ever though about leasing a diesel car? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should lease a diesel car:

1. Diesel cars come with more rebates and other types of incentives.

Case in point the 2011 BMW 335d sedan. This car starts at $44,150 but comes with a lease price of $429/month for 36 months along with $3,500 ECO credit and $1,500 allowance. Do the math and you can drive home a brand new BMW diesel starting a price of no more than $39,150.

Car dealers give fantastic rebates and credits to those who are willing to take the diesel plunge. It is time that you do the same as well.

2. Diesel cars are more fuel-efficient.

Think that hybrid cars are the champ in terms of fuel economy? Think again. Consider the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. It has a 2.0-liter TDI engine that generates 140hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. This same car can achieve 30mpg in city driving and 42mpg on the highway.

The Toyota Prius is touted to achieve around 55 miles to the gallon in highway driving but in reality, the figure is closer to the 42 to 44mpg mark. Considering the fact that the Prius starts at $23,520 while the Volkswagen Jetta TDI starts at just $22,500, it is easy to see why modern diesels present a more valuable ownership proposition compared to conventional gasoline and hybrid counterparts.

3. Diesel cars are more durable.

Now this topic is a little more subjective. Durability means a lot of things and not just the engine alone. Durability and reliability will also depend on the driver and how he/she drives and maintains the car.

Diesel engines operate under a lot of internal stress. The process of burning the fuel inside the combustion chamber creates a lot of pressure on the metal parts of the engine.

Diesel engines are constructed using the finest and most resilient metal parts in order to aid durability. Diesels also produce outstanding power and torque at a lower engine revolution (RPM) compared to conventional gasoline engines.

In fact, most gasoline cars reach their peak power output at a very high RPM (similar to earlier Honda VTEC models) while most modern diesels can only rev to about 5,500 RPM max.

This alone will do wonders to promote the durability of the diesel engine. You get instant power and torque without pushing the engine to the limit.

Leasing a new car is perfect if you want to save money. Do yourself a favor and consider to lease a diesel car instead.

The 3 Best Diesel Cars to Lease in 2012

Ever considered owning a diesel car? Why not? Diesel cars in the US are slowly gaining acceptance due to the advent of advanced diesel technology.

If you think that diesel cars are noisy, sooty, and sluggish then you better think again. Technology and modern metallurgy has paved the way for the new generation of diesel cars. Modern diesel cars are not only remarkably nimble to drive but they are also paradigms of efficiency.

Diesel cars are more expensive, yes. But they pay dividends in terms of everyday performance and fuel economy. Clean diesels also emit less carbon monoxide compared to gasoline counterparts. Want to save the environment without the need to pedal yourself to work? Leasing a diesel car may be just the right thing for you.

Here are the 3 best diesel cars to lease in 2012:

1. Mercedes-Benz R-class 350 Bluetec

Starting at $650/month, the Mercedes R350 Bluetec 4MATIC is powered by a 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 that produces 210hp. The R350 Bluetec is perfect for the American family as it provides the ride comfort and space of a true luxury cruiser.

2. Mercedes-Benz M-class 350 Bluetec

Another Mercedes? Yes sir! Mercedes is well-known for providing the best diesel cars in the industry. The Mercedes ML350 Bluetec has a towing capacity of 7,200 lbs., made possible by the 240hp turbo diesel V6. Lease prices start at $599/month.

3. BMW 335d Sedan

Yet another German managed to get on top of the list and it certainly deserves much credit and adoration from driving enthusiasts around the world. The BMW 335d sedan starts with a lease price of $429/month and provides just the right amount of sportiness and luxury in the overall package.

There are other lower-priced diesel cars in the USA but the 3 mentioned above present the cream of the crop. Not only do they provide almost the same level of performance as their gasoline counterparts but they are also luxurious and easy to drive. Why not get a diesel car for your next lease?

2011 GMC Year-End Leasing Deals

GMC now offers the latest leasing deals for 2011 under the GMC Holiday Event. Those who want a cheap GMC lease will have a lot to love about the year-end GMC sales event as this is the perfect time to lease a brand new crossover , pick-up truck, or SUV.

The 2012 GMC Sierra is not just a decent choice for a truck as it also provides a luxurious interior along with best in class towing capabilities. The 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 has a lease price of $350/month for 39 months, $0 due at signing. now you know what to consider if you want to lease a GMC truck.

The full-size GMC Yukon is still a favorite in the luxury-SUV department. Large families will have plenty to be happy about in the Yukon as it offers spacious accommodations for up to nine passengers along with a finely-tuned ride. you can lease the 2012 GMC Yukon for $479/month for 39 months with $0 due at signing under the GMC year-end promo.

If space is your priority in a large crossover vehicle then feast your eyes and your sense on the 2012 GMC Acadia. The Acadia can seat up to eight passengers while still having enough space to carry medium-sized cargo. The Acadia also delivers a smooth and pleasant ride while remaining more stylish and more nimble than a minivan. Lease the 2012 GMC Acadia for 39 months from as little as $374/month with $0 due at signing.

GMC is proud to offer the 2012 Terrain under the GMC year-end celebration. The Terrain is a stylish compact crossover that is comfortable and spacious at the same time. The Terrain is also fuel efficient as it can achieve a mileage reading of 22mpg city and 32mpg highway. Lease the Terrain for as low as $344/month for 39 months with no money due at lease signing.

GMC remains to be a solid contender in the American market. Find all the latest year-end lease offers for all types of GMC vehicles in your area and never pay too much for a GMC car lease ever again.

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