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Car Leasing Secrets: The Finance Deal

One of the best car leasing secrets is to know what a finance deal really is. Knowledge of any kind of lease is what will help you make the right choice and decision with what kind of lease plan you want to sign up for.

So what is a finance deal? It’s a rental agreement. In this agreement the vehicle is owned by the finance provider or the lender (it could be a bank or any other finance institution) and it is “lent” to the user for a set term and for set monthly price. The user will have full use of the vehicle which has a predetermined residual value. This deal is also known as a car lease, auto lease, vehicle lease or asset lease; it’s one of the valuable car leasing secrets that you have to break down to better understand the mechanics of this business model.

Car Lease Specials: The Ford Thriller

If you haven’t been keeping up with what’s been going on over at Ford, then have a look at the Ford Fiesta; it’s bound to be the most thrilling of car lease specials in its class. The Fiesta is the fast new Ford from the world-renowned manufacturer and is probably the best one out of the series yet.

The new Ford Fiesta car lease specials are all about performance. Exciting and lightweight, this is touted to be the hardcore version of the ST, with handling that will be superior to most cars leading to, of course, driver appeal.

The Ford Fiesta mini monster is going to be up against other high performance mini cars when it is released to the public. This includes the Mini Cooper, and other hatches like the Corsa from Vauxhall. Most likely, however, this mini supercar will get the most competition from Renaults Clio Cup, as they share almost the same performance levels. It’s up to drivers to decide which car holds better on the road.

When the Ford Fiesta does come out, expect it first to be a limited edition. These special edition vehicles will be loaded with race-car style seats, fitted with lightweight materials to ensure better speed performance, and a whole lot of RS detailing like you have never seen. The car lease specials from Ford will have a potential 1.6 liter direct injection Ecoboost turbo engine, which was earlier unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show. This amounts to about 200 horsepower, promising a dash of 0 to 60mph in six seconds and a top speed of 140 mph. Its engine also promises fewer emissions and thus fuel economy should be quite minimal.

We leave you to decide for yourself what to expect. Check out this link for more 2009 Ford Fiesta details.

Car Leasing Guide: Is It For You?

Thinking of entering a lease or buying a car? This car leasing guide says that you have to weigh your options first before you get into any financial transaction. So how would you know if a lease is for you? If you are comfortable with the following factors of a lease, then you just might personally qualify for one:
  • You’re okay with making monthly payments
  • You want a car that’s always under warranty
  • You are the type to try before you buy
  • You don’t like trade-ins
  • The car is strictly for business purposes

Does this car leasing guide answer your question of whether or not you should enter a lease? What other deciding factors do you think should be included? Share your thoughts.

Car Leasing Guide: What You Pay For

The car leasing guide booklets that you might get at the dealers or the advice that you get from their representatives just won’t tell you what it is you are paying for exactly. This is essential in knowing where your money is actually going. Leasing a car means that you are paying for the depreciation from the final sale price to the residual value once your contract is done; this is very important to know if you want to negotiate a good price. Car leasing guide advice? Always compare models for good residual values and depreciation cost.

Here is an example of the math that you should do when it comes to leasing a car:
35% depreciation of a, let’s say, $30,000 car = $10,500. Now compared to 43% of the same price which is = $12,900, that is a huge difference that you would have to pay during your lease contract. So remember, it’s all about the depreciation of the car so compare different cars before making any decision on a lease.

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Car Leasing Secrets: A Good Car

If you are in the market for a good car, one of the best car leasing secrets advice that you should take to mind is how to pick a good car. A good car is one that has the least CO2 emissions and can save you gas along the way down your lease contract. Here are some cars that you may or may not want to avoid:

BMW 135i – Some of the best engineers are working at BMW and it is quite a surprise that they released this small car that looks pretty harmless but emits about 220g of CO2 for every kilometer that it rides. This is a number that is equal to or even more than some SUVs.

Renault Clio 2.0 – Looking for a car that saves gas? You might want to think twice when you look for this car. Renault is known for their Formula 1 cars. The problem is that their street models also consume just as much gas as their Formula 1 products. This car burns too much fuel and a lot of dollars as well.

Toyota Land Cruiser – Although they do have the most successful hybrid in their hands, The Land Cruiser is certainly not a Prius. Toyota is known for their SUVs and the market helps that happen. Problem is that the Land Cruiser is a gas guzzler and it is very far away from the zero emissions goal that Toyota has for it.

Volvo 70F Kinetic – We are pretty sure that Volvo means well with this car that can run on two different fuels. When this baby runs on conventional car fuel, it burns it really quick which means that you are not saving gas at all. Switch it over to bio-fuel and there is another problem: emissions. Although bio-fuel is supposed to be clean, the process it runs through in this car seems to allow this car to be high-carbon.

VW Golf Plus Comfortline 1.4 – This is probably one of the best cars to get these days. Or so you may think. The Golf series is supposed to help you save money by using less gas and give better performance. But this is not one of those Golf cars that does just that. In fact, there are only a few in the Golf series from VW that allow less fuel consumption when using supercharged petrol. Car leasing secrets advice? Look for the ones that have supercharged petrol engines. Otherwise, don’t bother investing in this car if you want to save money on gas.

Car Leasing Guide: The VW Tiguan

You’ve probably checked out all car leasing guide information on all your favorite compact SUV vehicles. But one thing is for sure: you probably didn’t see it coming from VolksWagen, more popularly known for their Beetle and Golf. Yes, they did have a bigger car in the past known as the Touareg but it seems it didn’t do too well. So does VW stand the chance of creating a mini SUV that can compete with the best that’s out there today?

VW is coming up with an all new compact SUV which they hope will be one of the best in the world, if not the very best. It’s quite ambitious, but the new VW Tiguan is set to do just that. Taking inspiration from the Touareg and the Golf, this compact SUV from the German automaker hopes to continue the craze that Toyota created with their RAV4. Remember, that was 14 years ago so VW probably does stand the chance at refreshing the trend. And this is exactly the thing that VW might have to think really hard about its strategy that will either make or break the company in this category of motoring.

It seems that they might have entered the race a little too late, what with eco-friendly cars being the new trend and cars like the RAV4 locked up in the garage for being gas-hogs. But car leasing guide information sees the German company still having a real chance at having a go at it by releasing the Tiguan. It definitely won’t be the next Rover Freelander or Nissan X-Trail, but it will be a road warrior that can contend with the likes of, again, the RAV4 and Honda’s CRV.

The VW Tiguan is impressive, with its modern styling and its solid build. It’s a strong car, which is something that is not given away by its small size, a factor that also seems to hide how much family appeal it has. The Honda CRV is still the vehicle of choice in this category, but VW’s Tiguan packs enough punch to have any car leasing guide presenting it as a good recommendation. While it should be the best off-roader in the world, VW hasn’t done too bad a job with it.

More details on the VW Tiguan here.

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