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Is All This New Auto Tech Reliable?

Auto technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade. In 2005, our cars were quite similar to the vehicles we drove in the 80s. Today, they are equipped with radar to help us avoid collisions. They also have integrated “infotainment” systems that are increasingly responsive to our voices and gestures. Some say we’re only a few years away from driverless transportation in urban areas. Although, are we ready or have we gotten ahead of ourselves?

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The Least Expensive SUVs to Insure

Want to drive an SUV but don’t want to pay the typically higher costs associated with them? There are ways to keep those costs down. One way is to choose an SUV that doesn’t require expensive insurance premiums. Here are a few options, including some you might call “crossovers.” Our insurance estimates come from Nerdwallet.

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The Cheapest 2016 Minivans to Insure

Did you know two vans top the list for cheapest insurance costs of any vehicles in 2016? That’s right; nothing is cheaper, in terms of insurance cost, than a particular Japanese minivan. That van is called the Honda Odyssey. It’s not the only insurance-cost-saving car on the market, though. Test drive the following vehicles when you visit your local dealers.

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Pickup trucks are not inexpensive to fuel. Many new models include diesel engines to help cut down on costs. There are even some hybrid trucks on the market. Smart drivers know that fuel is only one of many costs they are responsible for, though. A significant cost, and one that’s easy to moderate, is your insurance premium. Thanks to Nerdwallet, we have some recommendations for you.

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