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How to Catch up With Your Lease Payments

Having a hard time catching up with your lease payments? Looking for leasing discounts but can’t find any that suit your budget? Before you transfer your lease or decide to buy off the car and sell it to someone else, you might want to consider refinancing your lease. Basically, this means that you can extend your current lease deal to an increased number of years. For example, if you have a three year lease term with your dealer, extend it to five years. This will ultimately lower your monthly payments but the downside is that you will end up paying off the lease over a longer period of time.

Does it cost more? Some lease companies might actually make a profit from your refinancing decision. Ultimately, however, with depreciation of the product, you might be paying the same amount as you would with your current number of lease years. This is the closest that you can get to leasing discounts with a dealer that doesn’t offer anything more.

GM has been working in the anticipated and revolutionary Chevy Volt during this fall. Today GM will take the Volt to IBM’s offices in North Carolina to finally show the hybrid car and also to celebrate their partnership, as IBM provided the software.

The Volt’s creation main intention is to demonstrate how well a high tech car can work during these times. The car comes with internet connection and smartphone inspired in car controls. It has a motor to move the car, a battery and its own gas engine to pump a generator that charges the battery. It monitors the battery cells as well as cooling and heating systems to ensure the most efficiency of the battery and car.

As in a cell phone or laptop, you can see charge status. Also, how much mileage is available and the car will let you know when to charge. You will even be able to schedule when to charge your car from a smartphone.

According to executive director of electrical systems, hybrids, electric vehicles and batteries at GM, Michael Bly, GM has never built such a sophisticated system. In his words: “We haven’t done a vehicle this complex in the history of GM. The software–the control side–is what ties together (the mechanical components)…It’s really the heart and soul of how the car performs.”

Feel free to browse our pages and research on this and other hybrid models available, request a free lease quote anytime!

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