Are Fiat 500e Deals the Best Car Deals Available? »

Are Fiat 500e Deals the Best Car Deals Available?

The 500e looks a lot like the 500X and other non-electric versions of this subcompact vehicle. It's got a couple of upgrades for better aerodynamics, including a lower front fascia and a rear spoiler, though. It actually looks more like a sport spec than an EV version.

The 500e was affordable when it went on the market to lessees a few years ago. Now, though, it's really affordable. If you search a little bit, you'll find 3-year-old 500e's with around 30,000 miles on them listed for around $5,000. Now, sure the Fiat brand isn't luxury and it doesn't have the best reliability associated with it but $5,000 for any new-ish car is a really good deal.

There is one problem, though. The 500e has only been available on the west coast. If you're on the Atlantic side, you might not find one nearby. But hey, there's always an opportunity for a road trip!

Here's what you get for that $5,000 or so:

  • 87 miles per charge
  • 100-volt outlet charge in 24 hours (standard A/C outlet)
  • 240-volt charge in 4 hours (washer/dryer outlet)
  • 8-year warranty on the battery
  • No half-hour charge (sorry)
  • 25ft3 of interior space with rear seats folded
  • 147 lb-ft of torque
  • 111 hp
  • 70 mph top speed

As you can see, it's a fairly standard subcompact car except it doesn't use gas. You may be thinking that's on the downside but we would disagree. There's no risk to driving hybrids or EVs anymore. We now know they're as reliable as gas-only vehicles. And gas prices will surely rise again at some point.

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