New Sports for Sale in the US Soon »

New Sports for Sale in the US Soon

Kia GT4 Stinger

Start with an Optima, flatten it, give it about 100 more horsepower and update its face and tail. Then give it Macpherson suspension for its front end and install some driving modes on its computer. What you'll end up with is something like the Stinger. This new sports car is not only a bold move for Kia, it's one of the boldest sports cars we've seen in years. It just doesn't quite fit in, and that's a good thing.

Toyota Supra

The brand new Supra, a collaboration between BMW and Toyota, will debut this fall in Tokyo. It's expected to have a few things in common with the FT-1 concept, which is a mean little speedster indeed. Toyota's new sports car creations post-Scion have been exciting. This could be the best one yet.

Mazdaspeed 3

To be consistent with Mazda's short product line strategy, the Japanese car maker is rumored to be re-thinking this car. It will be more "mature" in its next reincarnation. The MX-5 may remain the only "sporty" sports car made my Mazda for the time being. Whatever happens, it's almost certain that the Mazdaspeed will resemble the Mazda CX-3. It will probably look a bit sleeker and will, of course, have more power.

500-hp Nissan Z?!

According to Car and Driver, the reimagined 370Z sports car could have up to 500 horsepower. That's a whopping 150 horsepower upgrade from the current highest-powered trim. The wheelbase will be shorter due to using the Infiniti Q60's FR-L platform. Just as the Nissan GT-R competes with the supercars twice its value, this new Z could give luxury brands a fight for dominance in their class. On the downside, we're going to miss the stout little design of the 2009-2017 era Z.

Mid-Engine Corvette C8

You can't talk about new sports cars without mentioning the new Corvette that looks to have an engine at it's center. It was spied recently. Obviously, this is big news for American sports cars. We can't wait to see it!

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