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Car Leasing Guide: The VW Tiguan

You've probably checked out all car leasing guide information on all your favorite compact SUV vehicles. But one thing is for sure: you probably didn't see it coming from VolksWagen, more popularly known for their Beetle and Golf. Yes, they did have a bigger car in the past known as the Touareg but it seems it didn't do too well. So does VW stand the chance of creating a mini SUV that can compete with the best that’s out there today?

VW is coming up with an all new compact SUV which they hope will be one of the best in the world, if not the very best. It's quite ambitious, but the new VW Tiguan is set to do just that. Taking inspiration from the Touareg and the Golf, this compact SUV from the German automaker hopes to continue the craze that Toyota created with their RAV4. Remember, that was 14 years ago so VW probably does stand the chance at refreshing the trend. And this is exactly the thing that VW might have to think really hard about its strategy that will either make or break the company in this category of motoring.

It seems that they might have entered the race a little too late, what with eco-friendly cars being the new trend and cars like the RAV4 locked up in the garage for being gas-hogs. But car leasing guide information sees the German company still having a real chance at having a go at it by releasing the Tiguan. It definitely won't be the next Rover Freelander or Nissan X-Trail, but it will be a road warrior that can contend with the likes of, again, the RAV4 and Honda's CRV.

The VW Tiguan is impressive, with its modern styling and its solid build. It's a strong car, which is something that is not given away by its small size, a factor that also seems to hide how much family appeal it has. The Honda CRV is still the vehicle of choice in this category, but VW's Tiguan packs enough punch to have any car leasing guide presenting it as a good recommendation. While it should be the best off-roader in the world, VW hasn't done too bad a job with it.

More details on the VW Tiguan here.

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