Car Lease Specials: The Ford Thriller »

Car Lease Specials: The Ford Thriller

If you haven't been keeping up with what's been going on over at Ford, then have a look at the Ford Fiesta; it's bound to be the most thrilling of car lease specials in its class. The Fiesta is the fast new Ford from the world-renowned manufacturer and is probably the best one out of the series yet.

The new Ford Fiesta car lease specials are all about performance. Exciting and lightweight, this is touted to be the hardcore version of the ST, with handling that will be superior to most cars leading to, of course, driver appeal.

The Ford Fiesta mini monster is going to be up against other high performance mini cars when it is released to the public. This includes the Mini Cooper, and other hatches like the Corsa from Vauxhall. Most likely, however, this mini supercar will get the most competition from Renaults Clio Cup, as they share almost the same performance levels. It's up to drivers to decide which car holds better on the road.

When the Ford Fiesta does come out, expect it first to be a limited edition. These special edition vehicles will be loaded with race-car style seats, fitted with lightweight materials to ensure better speed performance, and a whole lot of RS detailing like you have never seen. The car lease specials from Ford will have a potential 1.6 liter direct injection Ecoboost turbo engine, which was earlier unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show. This amounts to about 200 horsepower, promising a dash of 0 to 60mph in six seconds and a top speed of 140 mph. Its engine also promises fewer emissions and thus fuel economy should be quite minimal.

We leave you to decide for yourself what to expect. Check out this link for more 2009 Ford Fiesta details.

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