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Honda recently exposed, to the dismay of many Honda fans, that the 2-door Accord coupe won’t be produced anymore. Since the Altima coupe and Camry coupe are also gone, there aren’t many Japanese, mid-size coupes to choose from. Blame the crossovers. Those dang ridiculous boxes of nonsense… OK, they’re not that bad but what are we supposed to do now if we want a coupe, right? Let’s think about it. Continue reading ‘The Accord Coupe is No More. Here’s What to Get Instead.’ »
If it’s your first time buying a car, you might be asking yourself what the difference between American cars and, say, German cars is. The truth is, they can be quite similar. Most vehicles are manufactured using parts from various countries. As well, many cars are assembled in the country where they’ll be sold, rather than in the country where the corporation is based. Continue reading ‘What’s the Difference Between EU Cars and American Cars?’ »
Lightweight parts, a new engine and a transmission upgrade give the new F-150 a solid value proposition, and are probably giving GM a bit of a nervous feeling. According to Fleet Owner, Ford cut around 700 pounds from the popular pickup to arrive at the updated model. Ford also added options to it’s engine line, making sure to offer more V6 engines since most Ford F-150 drivers choose V6. Continue reading ‘2018 F-150 Is More Powerful and More Efficient Than Before’ »

The Truth About Leasing Cars

Everybody has opinions about everything these days. You’ve probably heard arguments both for and against leasing, but now you’re researching for yourself. That’s smart! Smart because you should always look for in-depth information and smart because we have the definitive answer to the question of whether leasing is a good idea or not. Continue reading ‘The Truth About Leasing Cars’ »
Would you agree if we told you the Toyota Prius hasn’t seen a worthy competitor in its decade of existence? There have been directly-aimed competitors such as the Honda Insight but nothing has really made a dent in the Prius’s “efficient hatch-sedan” market. It’s hard to say why that is. Maybe it’s because drivers who want gas savings and “green” efficiency gravitate to the Prius, the first successful hybrid. That raises the question “when will eco cars be considered normal or considered as worthy substitutes for gasoline and diesel autos?” Well, maybe the Hyundai Ioniq is a step towards the answer. Continue reading ‘Hyundai Ioniq Is a True Prius Battler but It’s Also Just a Great Car’ »

Is It Worth It to Buy a Sports Car?

Let’s be honest. The only drivers who need sports cars are those who earn a living by winning races with them. The rest of us are hobbyists or car enthusiasts. If you’re strict about your finances and your life’s organization; no, it’s probably not worth it to own a sports car. But who’s really that scrupulous about their finances? Everyone has to have a little fun sometimes. Maybe you want to get your kicks by commuting in a Corvette. Nothing wrong with that. If you’re on the fence, think about these questions. Continue reading ‘Is It Worth It to Buy a Sports Car?’ »

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The lease rate I got by calling the dealer was $67 higher than the rate I got from Car Leasing Secrets. It’s all about the local competition. So happy with my Benz!
Cristoph Wiese
Athens, GA
This is probably the easiest way to get quotes and compare them. I got one from each dealer in my city. One of them was surprisingly low. The quotes are free. No worries there.
Kristen Fletcher
Albany, NY
What a great way to shop around! I wanted a Corolla. There’s only one Toyota dealership in my city but I got a quote for a Honda Civic and decided to go with that one because I got such a good offer.
Mark Dolan
Missoula, MT