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It’s a 5-Cylinder Car? Is That OK?​

Many drivers aren’t aware of any vehicles having an odd number of cylinders in their engines. You’re not crazy. They do exist. Several smaller vehicles have only three cylinders. Other vehicles sometimes come with five, an example being the Audi TT RS. If you’ve ever wondered if this strange engine type poses any problems, you’re probably not the only one. We’ll clear it up for you. Continue reading ‘It’s a 5-Cylinder Car? Is That OK?​’ »
The advantages of leasing a car are numerous, outweighing the downsides. You do have to choose a maximum mileage for each year you drive but you’ll pay less each month than you would if you purchase with a loan. You do have to keep your car clean and free of stains a scratches but you have the advantage of driving a car that is under warranty (except in the case of unusually high-mileage leases). Everything is flexible when you lease, including your monthly rate. If you dig deeper, past the obvious benefits, you’ll notice some leasing secrets that make additional benefits easy to attain. Continue reading ‘Leasing Secrets for Saving Money and Buying Convenience ​’ »

The Jeep Lineup​

Jeep is a favorite brand of off-roaders, outdoors enthusiasts and watercraft haulers for good reason. Every Jeep vehicle offers a winning combination of affordability, capability and rugged appeal. There are six Jeep vehicles to choose from. Continue reading ‘The Jeep Lineup​’ »
Car seats are an important aspect of any vehicle. You need them to be comfortable and appropriate for your lifestyle. But how do you choose? First, know your options. Nylon: Nylon is a durable, woven fabric that comes in many colors and textures. It repels liquids well but can be stained. Woven Nylon tends to hold dirt well. It’s not the best car seat material if you want a clean look or tend to carry a lot of dirt around on your clothes or with your pets. Nylon can have an abrasive, scratchy or scrapy effect on the skin if enough pressure is applied. “Mesh” material is usually made out of nylon. Continue reading ‘Automotive Seating Materials: Making the Choice’ »

First Chinese Vehicles Coming to US for Sale

As little as a decade ago, car experts laughed at the idea of China producing a car that would compete with makes like Honda and Ford. Those days are over. China is now a key manufacturing partner for many auto brands and is home to several dozen native vehicle brands, some of which have been around since the 80s or even longer. Finally, a Chinese company is planning to export to the US. Continue reading ‘First Chinese Vehicles Coming to US for Sale’ »

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