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Would you agree if we told you the Toyota Prius hasn’t seen a worthy competitor in its decade of existence? There have been directly-aimed competitors such as the Honda Insight but nothing has really made a dent in the Prius’s “efficient hatch-sedan” market. It’s hard to say why that is. Maybe it’s because drivers who want gas savings and “green” efficiency gravitate to the Prius, the first successful hybrid. That raises the question “when will eco cars be considered normal or considered as worthy substitutes for gasoline and diesel autos?” Well, maybe the Hyundai Ioniq is a step towards the answer. Continue reading ‘Hyundai Ioniq Is a True Prius Battler but It’s Also Just a Great Car’ »

Is It Worth It to Buy a Sports Car?

Let’s be honest. The only drivers who need sports cars are those who earn a living by winning races with them. The rest of us are hobbyists or car enthusiasts. If you’re strict about your finances and your life’s organization; no, it’s probably not worth it to own a sports car. But who’s really that scrupulous about their finances? Everyone has to have a little fun sometimes. Maybe you want to get your kicks by commuting in a Corvette. Nothing wrong with that. If you’re on the fence, think about these questions. Continue reading ‘Is It Worth It to Buy a Sports Car?’ »

Buick Regal vs Mazda 6: Mismatch or Not?

It’s a battle of front-wheel drive sedans! One American, the other Japanese; neither are considered top sellers but anyone in need of a mid-size sedan with sporty yet reserved style should take a look at them. Let’s compare. Continue reading ‘Buick Regal vs Mazda 6: Mismatch or Not?’ »

It’s a 5-Cylinder Car? Is That OK?​

Many drivers aren’t aware of any vehicles having an odd number of cylinders in their engines. You’re not crazy. They do exist. Several smaller vehicles have only three cylinders. Other vehicles sometimes come with five, an example being the Audi TT RS. If you’ve ever wondered if this strange engine type poses any problems, you’re probably not the only one. We’ll clear it up for you. Continue reading ‘It’s a 5-Cylinder Car? Is That OK?​’ »
The advantages of leasing a car are numerous, outweighing the downsides. You do have to choose a maximum mileage for each year you drive but you’ll pay less each month than you would if you purchase with a loan. You do have to keep your car clean and free of stains a scratches but you have the advantage of driving a car that is under warranty (except in the case of unusually high-mileage leases). Everything is flexible when you lease, including your monthly rate. If you dig deeper, past the obvious benefits, you’ll notice some leasing secrets that make additional benefits easy to attain. Continue reading ‘Leasing Secrets for Saving Money and Buying Convenience ​’ »

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