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Car Leasing Guide: The Big Cat Jag

The trouble with luxury is that you will end up paying its full price, no matter what car leasing guide you follow. But here’s our car leasing guide take on it: If you can afford it, then why not buy it? In this case, let’s take a look at the new Jag XJ.

The big cats behind the big cat believe that the new Jaguar XJ will be something to outclass some of the best like the Audi A8 and the BMW 7-Series. It’s got a gorgeous new look, yet strikingly traditional; it’s a driving experience like no other; and its pushing luxury to a whole new level. But most important about the new XJ is that it’s a hybrid. That’s right; our car leasing guide radars have spotted that it will sport a 3.0 liter V6 engine with stop-start technology and high-powered batteries to help reduce fuel consumption. Come 2009, this is going to be one pricey beast. This car leasing guide put puts it this way: If the lion is the king of the jungle, the Jaguar is set to be the king of the city streets.

Check out more on the Jaguar XJ here.

Your Best Car Lease Deal

Looking for the best car lease deal? Our advice is that you shop around in more than just two or three dealerships. A car purchase or lease is serious money and so you should also do some serious shopping. You may already have the best car lease deal in mind in the form of a BMW, a Jeep, or even a Jag. But step back and be as practical as you can when it comes to making decisions such as buying a car.

First off, will that best car lease deal be a useful one for you or for your family (if you have one)? Next, with all the gas prices going up, it’s not surprising to see people becoming more discouraged to make a car lease. But if you really need a car, study what fuel options different cars have and also study their mileage. The best car lease deal is one that will help you save a little money rather than spend it one gas. Lastly, whether it’s a luxury car or a street car you are after, you need to know what kind of insurances you will be spending on. Insurance is something that could save you when you need it the most; and the best car lease deal covers all the insurance that you will ever need.

Still a little confused about how to decide on your next car lease? Talk to your dealers and ask them as many questions as you can. Be meticulous but don’t be too picky. At the end of the day, you just might end up with the best car lease deal.

Getting Leasing Discounts

Instead of going right out and asking for car leasing discounts, you may want to check on what car lease specials some of the car dealers have beforehand. You might be surprised that their existing leasing discounts are actually quite fair. However, there is the possibility of those hidden specials that are not displayed in shops, with no mention of them in their brochures or flyers.

Here’s where you might want to get a little bold and ask outright if there are any other leasing discounts that you can get out of a dealer. You can either do that or try to keep haggling for a price that seems fair to you and the dealer. Also keep in mind that creating a good relationship with your dealer will also encourage him or her to reveal some hidden leasing discounts that they do not easily release information out to the public.

Share how you got your great leasing discount from your favorite dealer. You’ll be helping a lot of customers get their fair end of a purchase while simultaneously helping dealers with their sales quotas.

Bad Credit Car Leasing Guide

Are you thinking of getting a car lease but have a less than favorable reputation with a bank that supports car leasing options? Well, you don’t have to fret that much longer. This bad credit car leasing guide will show you that more and more dealers are open to the idea of giving care leasing options to people with bad credit.

According to any car leasing guide, a bad credit will give you a whole lot of problems when you are trying to get a good car lease or when you are buying a car. Even if you have the money on hand with you now, it will be difficult for car dealers to make an offer to you once they find out that you have a bad credit history. But these days, some banks and other finance companies are learning to be more lenient and some of them even shrug off the bad credit history that some people may have. This is as long as you can prove that you can make payments on your next lease, of course. There are ways that the banks can still determine if you are still eligible for a lease even if you do have a bad credit history.

Bad credit can be attributed to any number of things. Sometimes, people have bad credit scores only because they do not pay on time, for example, they are a week late on payments. But it does mean that they do not have the means to pay. This is something of a snag in the whole car dealer and bank relationship that has caught many unaware. This is why people with a less-than-perfect credit history have a hard time buying or leasing a new car; let alone get a car leasing guide on how to go about buying one with bad credit history.

At present, the trend seems to be changing for people with bad credit history. A car leasing guide will show you that you need a credit score of at least 650 and higher to be able to lease a car. However, any lower than that and the banks and dealers will see you as a potential risk; someone who can’t pay the bills. But many car leasing guide people at the dealers and banks are now more lenient and this is because they have come up with a different kind of pricing scheme for those who have a bad credit history. Basically, they will make sure that they raise the interest rates on the cars that they are selling to those with a bad credit. Also, you might notice that the down payments on vehicles are much higher compared to down payments given to people with a better credit standing.

The car leasing guide advice for you to take if you have bad credit should therefore be simple. First, you must know what your credit standing is with the bank concerning car purchases. You can do this by going to the bank that you went to for the last car lease that you made. From there, research companies that allow people with bad credit to make car leases or purchases and then study the prices that they offer because they will be higher than normal if you have a bad credit history. Lastly, avoid making your credit history situation much worse than it is already.

Your Next Best Car Lease Deal: 2010 Volvo XC60

For all you Volvo fans out there, it looks like a new SUV isn’t far fetched and can be included in your next best car lease deal option list. The Volvo X60 is set to be released in 2009 and will probably be the best car lease deal for you compared to the Volvo C30 that is also set to be on sale at around the same time (a model that doesn’t look like it will catch on too quickly). As a concept baby SUV introduced to the public earlier in 2007, it is actually rumored to look at a lot like an XC90 and an S80.

It looks like Volvo is going to score big with the XC60 and it will be one of their latest releases that is geared more towards a younger market. That being said, Volvo also seems to have sacrificed a lot of its “function over form” style with the XC60 rumored to look lot different then the usual Volvo, save for the emblem and a few other standards that might help you recognize the brand.

Running on petrol and diesel, the baby SUV also focuses a lot on its core safety features. Volvo, after all, is one of the safest (if not the safest) vehicles on the planet. Take for example, a City Safety feature that they have incorporated in later models that reduces low-speed, rear-end shunts that minimizes traffic collisions. Now that is forward thinking. Gearing up for your next baby SUV? Get the best car lease deal as soon as it comes out in 2009. Our view is you won’’t regret it.

Catch a sneak-peak at what the Volvo XC60 is rumored to look like.

Traffic accidents are probably one of the most frequent road mishaps and actually kill more than a million people in a year and injure millions more. From a statistics point of view, this is quite serious; and if you are on the look out for your next car leasing quotation or purchase, then the best advice would be to get car leasing quotations on safe cars.

What are safe cars? Basically, these are vehicles that handle the best on the road and in many occasions off it (with the exception of street cars). You can get car leasing quotations from brands like Honda, Audi, and even foreign brands like Hyundai from Korea, and the Subaru from Japan. Investing in a safe car is something you will never regret. You don’t want to become a part of the demographic that shows the many traffic accidents and fatalities caused by driving unsafe vehicles. So before you get the wrong car leasing quotation on an unsafe car, take a look at some of the safest cars that are available on the market today.

Honda CRV 2007 – The fact is that Honda is known to create some of the safest cars on the planet. They are also fuel-efficient and powerful vehicles. The 2007 CRV is no exception and comes standard with electronic stability control, front seat airbags, side airbags, air curtains in the front and rear side, active head restrains, antilock brakes, brake assist and traction control. Now this is a car leasing quotation that you don’t want to pass up.

Audi A4 – Considered to be one of the safest brands in the market, Audi knows what the consumer really needs. Standard in this street car are side airbags, antilock brakes, and an electronic stabilization program. Topping it off, the Audi has its own Quattro four-wheel drive and this car that was chosen as the safest in 2007 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Grab a car leasing quotation on this safety monster today.

Subaru Forester – Are you looking for a car leasing quotation on a safe all-wheel drive? You may want to consider the Forester from Subaru, a company best known for their all-wheel drive products and turbo-charged vehicles. However, what you might not know is Subaru is also known for safety, unlike many of Japan’s manufacturers at present. A car leasing quotation will show you that the Forester, for example, comes standard with frontal and side impact airbags, an occupancy sensor, height adjustable seat belts, a panic alarm, rear child safety door locks, and a content-theft deterrent system. The optional features available include a bunch of other luxuries that are really up to the consumer to purchase or not.

Hyundai Entourage – Korea’s leading car manufacturer has been take great leaps and strides in their field of expertise. The first thing that you might notice beyond a car leasing quotation on a Hyundai is that they are known for their interiors. Ask anybody; they will tell you that a Hyundai probably has the best standard interior than any other. But that is secondary to the safety that their cars offer. The Entourage is a minivan specifically for the North American market and contains standard features such as an occupancy sensor, illuminated entry, a panic alarm, seatbelt pre-tensioners, traction control, frontal airbags, and side impact airbags. This car leasing quotation should be able to convince you that it’s one of the safest cars on the market to date.

Think about safety before your next purchase of a vehicle, and make sure your next car leasing quotation comes from a reputable manufacturer or dealer.

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