Your Next Car Leasing Quotation: Vauxhall »

Your Next Car Leasing Quotation: Vauxhall

Ever seen an Audi? Ever made a car leasing quotation on a Quattro? Well, imagine making a quotation on a vehicle that is very similar and perhaps paying much less for it too. The car in question is the new Vauxhall Insignia. The British car manufacturer has gone and done the daring and brought about their version of sedan that is more or less a Quattro and little of something else. Still as confused as we are? It shouldn't be possible for one car company to copy another company design and sell it off as their own. But in this case, it's been done, slapped with the name Vauxhall VXR, and this car looks like it just might give Audi a run for their money. A car leasing quotation will show you that it's very affordable as well, weighing in at just a little over $50,000. The car sports a mean face and body that just screams performance and it looks like it might be available in July 2008. The only irony of it all is that this sports beast will be marketed as Vauxhall’s next family car, replacing the not so menacing Vectra. So what about it is so menacing? Imagine low side skirts, 19-inch alloy wheels, a sharp roof and dangerous looking tail. The back sports a spoiler attached to the trunk and twin chrome exhaust pipes to give that extra turbo look. Inside, all the little numbers and dials up front will be backlit in red, and everything else is of a quality that you might only find in higher end sports cars. Much larger than the Vectra, it promises more space, luxury, and overall improved driving performance. Pop the hood open and you will see more than your car leasing quotation can handle. Inside is a 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6 gas engine, boasting a 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds acceleration and a top speed of 165. As an all-wheel drive, it shouldn’t have any trouble at all in any given road condition. Still not convinced about this possible future car leasing quotation? Perhaps the optional Traffic Assist System might help your decision. It's a radar and video device that scans roads ahead of you, resulting in automatic deceleration if the car “senses” that you are about to get in an accident. Now, if that doesn't get you going to search for a car leasing quotation on the future Vectra (or Insignia), then we don't know what will.

More on the Vauxhall VXR here.

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