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Why Opt for Car Lease Plans

Car lease plans are growing more popular since they prove to be quite favorable for any man's budget. Even at this critical time, driving a brand new car won't be a hindrance if you happen to find yourself a good car lease plan. In this post, we will look at some reasons why a car lease plan is a considerable option for your next car purchase.

What is car leasing?

A car lease plan is basically renting a car over a specific period. You're required to pay for an initial payment as a deposit and then you will pay an agreed amount per month till the lease term ends.

You don’t own the car at any point and at the end of the lease you simply hand it back to the leasing company (although, often there is a purchase option). Most lease plans last for two or three years, although you can arrange a car lease for 12 months or even less.

Why avail a car lease plan? 

No big cash payments required

The biggest upside to car leasing is that it doesn't require a significant cash outlay as opposed to purchasing your car through a loan. The upfront payment is often equivalent to two months of the monthly rental.

Businesses benefit from car leasing, particularly, since they can treat the monthly payments as a part of the operational costs rather than a capital expenditure.  Businesses can also reclaim the VAT associated with the leasing costs, while the VAT on new car purchases cannot be reclaimed.

The car will always be under warranty

Most car manufacturers offer a three year warranty and most lease terms runs up to that time which makes your car under warranty until the end of the term; as long as the lease is for three years, of course (which most are, actually).

Keep up with the latest auto trends

Car leasing is occasionally more of a personal and lifestyle choice rather than a financial one.  If you like driving around in a new car every two to three years then leasing is definitely a good option for you. Since you don’t own the car, you won't have to worry about trying to sell it in order to buy a new one. All you have to do is turn the car back in to the leasing company and then choose your car.

Offers buying flexibility 

Car leasing allows you to defer the buying decision and still get the chance to use the car. Think of your car lease plan as a test drive, if the car is indeed good then you can purchase it after 36 months or simply turn in the keys and just walk away if it isn't.

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