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Vehicle and Car Leasing Tips

When you've arrived at this blog, you are basically here to know the knick-knacks of car leasing. In this post, we have given out quick and the utmost basic tips to help you get a bargain in car leasing.

Know how much is your mileage requirement. Most leases limit the MPY or miles per year, which is done by imposing up to 20 cents per extra mile that is over 15K miles annually. If you are a driver who places 40K MPY on your vehicle, then you are surely to face thousands of dollars in dues and penalties at the termination of lease. You have to be wise enough to know that it is best to negotiate for a much higher limit on mileage.

Indeed, when it comes to leases, proper negotiation is one of the most important car leasing tips. Another tip is for you to pad up excess miles at the start of your auto lease in order to prevent tax rates for the excessive miles.

Another very important car leasing tip that can give you an added advantage over your dealer is to include GAP coverage. You definitely have to make sure that the GAP coverage is included in the lease. Such is a very important protection for you as it covers you in cases when your vehicle gets into an accident and is wrecked. You can also benefit from the coverage if in case your car gets stolen.

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