Understanding the Factors that Affect the Residual Value of the Car »

Understanding the Factors that Affect the Residual Value of the Car

If you are looking to lease a car in the near future then you better understand the factors that affect the resale value of the car.

On that note, it is crucial to understand the residual value and how this will help you find a cheap and affordable car lease.

All cars will depreciate right from the very moment it was driven off the showroom floor. All cars would have depreciated by around 30% after the end of three years. Since most lease deals are offered on three-year terms counted monthly then leasing a car with a high residual value is cheaper in the long run.

The brand or marquee of the car will also dictate the residual value. Without mentioning any names, cars that have difficulty getting sales might not necessarily be more expensive to lease than those that are regarded for their quality and durability. Cars that are sluggish in terms of sales will most likely be offered at a fairly low lease price. Of course, cars that are well-known for providing exceptional reliability and performance will have a high residual value and will be less costly to lease as well.

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