The Great Hybrid Car Structure »

The Great Hybrid Car Structure

The mighty green car has so much in its mechanical structure that contributes to less fuel consumption and emission. Check on its parts and discover the efficiency and nature-friendly structure of the car

Electric motor: The sophisticated electric motor has advanced electronics to draw and return energy in car batteries.

Gasoline engine: The engine run with gasoline has technological innovation that reduces innovation and increase efficiency.<

Fuel tank: This is a specialized storage of the gasoline engine. The good thing is that gasoline has better energy density than batteries, making the car more efficient.

Batteries: They serve as the storage device for energy that activates the electric motor.

Generator: The generator's main role is to produce electric power.

Transmission: Transmission on a hybrid car is the same as what's found on conventional cars, only that you can make use of this in the different combination usage of the electric motor and the gasoline engine.

What are these two combinations? Just to make things clearer for you

Parallel hybrid: This means both the electric motor and the gasoline engine can turn the transmission which in turn can power up the wheels.

Series hybrid: The generator revved up by the gasoline engine has two options to power up the car: charging the batteries or pumping up the electric motor.

All these make the hybrid a good initiative to take for fuel efficiency and less emission and consequently, for a healthier environment and cost-efficient transportation means.

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