Smart Leasing Begins Here! Tips on How to Lease Like a Pro Part2!

Smart leasing has nothing to do with race, color or creed--in fact, anyone can learn the different tips on how to lease like a pro! Car leasing secrets will not only help you get the best car for the best lease price but will allow you to pocket magnificent savings as well!

How the Residual Value Affects the Price of Your Car Lease

The residual value or estimated depreciable value is exactly what it sounds like: an estimate. No one will know for sure on how much a car will be worth in the future but you have to accept the fact that this value alone might spell the difference between a good and a bad car lease.

If the car that you are choosing to lease is well-known for having the build quality of a wooden shanty then be aware! The deal might sound too good to be true. Remember, a cheap car lease does not necessarily mean that you need to drive a cheap car. It is all about value for money!

Car brands that are desirable in terms of performance, quality and design will most likely have a pretty solid residual value. The same can be said for cars that have a history of providing unparalleled performance.

However, as the car gets more expensive then the same can be said for the lease price. It is all a matter of choosing the right car with the right trim model. Car dealers will most likely offer high-end trim models for their car leases--it is up to you to decide on how much of a car do you really need.

For example, did you know that leasing the Honda CR-V is $40 more expensive than the Honda Civic? It is also approximately $20 more compared to leasing the Honda Accord. Think the difference is insignificant? Multiply the said differences to the 36-month average lease term.

This means that leasing the CR-V based on monthly payments alone will cost you an average of $7,884. Leasing the Civic will cost you $6,444 on average while the Accord will cost you $7,164.

Think about that for a second. The reason why Honda cars were chosen as an example above is due to the fact that Honda cars are among those that have the highest residual values in the market. Do you really need the added weight of the CR-V if all you need is a compact Civic? Remember that since the CR-V is bigger and has a larger power plant, it will also be a tad more expensive to maintain. The savings will multiply tenfold!

If you want to lease a car without spending all your cash then choose a car with a pretty decent residual value and performance history.If you want to find the best leasing deals without breaking a sweat then start your car shopping here.

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