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Simple Tips on How to Save Money on a Car Lease

There are a few known secrets on how to save money on a car lease although a lot of people have no idea on what those secrets are. Here are a few of the most important things that you need to know in order to get the best leasing deals in your town:

  • Pay attention to your credit score. Leasing a car is similar to buying as car dealers and lenders will definitely ask for your credit report. If you are one of those that have a bad or low credit score then you better get to work fast. This means you should somehow try to improve your credit score in order to get a lower interest rate. The better the score, the more you can save.
  • Make a moderate down payment. This may sound that it would cost you more at the beginning but in truth, paying a larger down payment will enable you to enjoy lower monthly rates over the life of the lease. This will allow you to save more money in the long run.
  • When leasing a car, be sure to check out the different prices offered by various dealers in order to identify the right car lease that is both affordable and relatively easy on the pocket.

Find the next big car leasing deals in town and understand the further ways on how to save money on a car lease.

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The lease rate I got by calling the dealer was $67 higher than the rate I got from Car Leasing Secrets. It’s all about the local competition. So happy with my Benz!
Cristoph Wiese
Athens, GA
This is probably the easiest way to get quotes and compare them. I got one from each dealer in my city. One of them was surprisingly low. The quotes are free. No worries there.
Kristen Fletcher
Albany, NY
What a great way to shop around! I wanted a Corolla. There’s only one Toyota dealership in my city but I got a quote for a Honda Civic and decided to go with that one because I got such a good offer.
Mark Dolan
Missoula, MT