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Short-term Car Leasing

There may be circumstances in life where you will need a vehicle for a certain period of time, and don't want to get locked into a long-term payment. Depending on your situation, short-term car leasing may be the best and most affordable solution.

Long-term car rentals are often the proper step if you need to drive a vehicle for just a short period of time. Car rent term can quickly get expensive, even with long-term rental discounts. However, if you will only need the car for six months or less, then renting is probably your best option.

If you are looking to keep a vehicle for a longer period of time, let's say 6-24 months, then short-term leasing should be something you should consider. Unfortunately, this is not usually possible if you are looking to lease a new car. Most new car leases are at least 24 months or longer, so going directly to the dealer for a new car lease will only be a choice if you can commit to something more permanent.

The best solution for a 6- to 24-month use is a short-term car lease. Short-term car lease actually lets you take over or assume a lease, on a used vehicle from another driver. You'll take over the auto, the monthly payments, and the time that is left on the lease, which can usually be from a few months to 2-3 years.

Short-term leases are often great bargains. Unlike a new lease, you will not have to come up with any sort of down payment or additional fees; you will just take responsibility of the payments each month.You must familiarize yourself with the leasing contract and the condition of the car since, in most lease terms, if you exceed the allowable mileage, you are usually charged at the end of the term.

Assuming a lease, even for a short duration, does require completing and changing the existing lease contract through the leasing company. If you may need the vehicle relatively quick, like right now, make sure all the paperwork is complete before you take the vehicle, in order to avoid any trouble in the end.

The best place to find short-term car leasing is on the Internet. There are a handful of specialized companies that match buyers and leaseholders together, and help facilitate the transfer of the vehicle. By going through a third-party company, you will have to pay a small fee, but you will increase your chances of getting a good lease deal and having the transfer done properly.

Short-term leasing may be the most practical way to meet your driving needs, especially if your finances do not allow for a large down payment. If you are in a situation where you need to drive a vehicle for at least 6 up to 24 months tops, you will probably get a great deal going through a company that specializes in lease assumptions and transfers. You can find a lot of stuff online, and by doing some research, you should be able to find plenty of lease deals that will suit your needs.

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