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Running a High Mileage at Car Leasing

In car leasing, a high mileage is definitely an issue especially during the end of the lease term. Often in car leasing, the lessee is only allowed a maximum of 12,000 annual mileage which is why its always important that the lessee ask himself beforehand if he needs to be running a high mileage. Car mileage will always cost you regardless of whether via leasing, buying or renting. Wear and tear aside, the rising cost of fuel and the continuing onslaught of environmental levies should encourage any driver to keep his mileage down.

However a high mileage user should not totally put off leasing completely because of the mileage restrictions. There are ways on how to maneuver a high mileage car leasing and this article will offer some tips.

  1. Pulling some strings at the lease deal - If a car lessee intends to purchase the car at the end of the term, he can cunningly take out a low mileage car lease contract without worrying about the excess mileage charges accrued over the lease period. This way, the lessee can maximize his car usage while still paying monthly rentals over the period of the lease agreement.
  2. Drive a Diesel - Diesels have vastly improved; now they are cleaner, quieter, and quicker. More importantly, diesel engines can give any driver a 30-40% more mileage than petrol cars. Diesels is really a great money-saver particularly for many short-run trips since the superior torque of diesels entails less gear changing. The price of diesels are about 30% cheaper than unleaded petrol which is certain to lessen the gas expenses. Just look beyond the lack in horsepower, higher initial cost and loud engine start during cold winter mornings; a diesel-engined car certainly suits a high mileage driver.
  3. Lower Residual means lower purchase price - The main reason why in car leasing high mileage is such an issue is that it can inflict a bigger depreciation which in turn lowers the resale value of the car. There is an offset effect of low resale value  and that is a low purchase price. A favorable purchase price for the car can have such a positive effect on the deal that even high mileage drivers will benefit.
  4. Turning it in Early - If at the mid of the car lease period, the lessee feels that he will certainly exceed his allowable mileage and doesn't want to face the extra charges, he can always end the car lease term earlier or he can find someone to assume the lease for him (someone who is looking for a short-term car lease options). There are a lot of car dealers who specializes in car leasing assumptions.

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