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Pay Attention to Your Cars

Brakes - There are many issues concerning the way car brakes function. In the case of many low-priced cars, one such issue is known as "knocking." This is something that is caused by the disc brakes that are either too tight or in some cases worn out already. What happens is that upon releasing the brakes of the car itself, a strange knocking sound is heard from the tires themselves. Have this checked by your dealer immediately to avoid any future accidents.

Windshield Wipers - Over time, the windshield wipers (and back window wipers) do wear out, and when they do, this can be damaging to the windshield glass. Avoid scratch marks to the surface of your windshield by replacing your windshield wipers when they start to make strange friction noises on your windshield. This will help you avoid the cost of replacing the windshield itself.

Mudguards - Other than the fact that they help mud from slinging mud upwards and towards the chassis of the car, a mudguard can also help in other ways such as deflecting small pebbles that can chip the paint of your car on door sides and the bumpers. Make sure that your mudguards are in top condition and replace them when necessary.

Mirrors - Whether it’s a side or rearview, always check your mirrors and keep them in pristine condition. If there are any cracks, replace them immediately. Over time, mirrors become less usable, losing clarity with age. Just as you would go about protecting your car windows, do the same with your car mirrors.

Paint Job - When buying a new car, notice that sheen from the glossy paint? That can be severely damaged, and your paint can be eaten away by road salts or other elements like the rain and extreme sunlight. Make sure to wash and wax your car on a regular basis; if not weekly, then a monthly service should suffice. Buying a car cover also helps to keep your car away from moisture and dust that collects and sticks to the car surface. If you don’t like using a car cover, make sure to wipe your car down at least once every two to three days.

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