Mini Clubman: Now a Rickshaw? »

Mini Clubman: Now a Rickshaw?

Who says a well-defined, restrictive culture is not a good definitive factor in launching a new product?

We can talk about workaround ways to promote a new product in a very tight market where export and import laws are neck breaking.What is more difficult to perceive in terms of marketing a western car to newly modernized China?

The Mini Clubman has an answer. Create the imagery of need and cultural loyalty, hence the Mini Clubman rickshaw. Dubbed as "the other rickshaw," the drivetrain started as a regular car but was sent to Hong Kong to have it converted to pedal power. A rickshaw is a national Chinese means of transportation that has created a cultural significance.

Beijing's Mini Clubman has gained the local and international media attention despite the extensive coverage for the 2009 Olympic games.

Instead, according to China Car Times, the rickshaw-car was sent to China "to bring good luck to the Beijing Olympics." It may be a little cumbersome to drive the Mini Clubman rickshaw, but it surely clicks with the natives and tourists alike. And more good news is, it's zero emission.


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