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Car Lease Specials: New Jeep Cherokee

As far as car leasing specials are concerned, if you are looking into investing in an SUV in the next year, you may want to take a glance at the newly revised Jeep Cherokee. Bulkier and with looks like it was built to last a lifetime, the Cherokee is not only holding ground as a baby SUV; it looks like it can take on the mid-sized SUV market as well.The manufacturers over at Chrysler say that the Jeep Cherokee is so buffed up now that it can take on the likes of Land Rover's Freelander – only for a seeming fraction of the price. Now that's one of the car lease specials that many SUV owners might want to take a serious look at. After all, the Jeep Cherokee is homegrown and now more competitive than ever before.

Rugged and fresh, the new Jeep boasts of a luxury interior and 4 wheel drive transmission. With a form clearly influenced by the boxy Wrangler from the same company, the Jeep Cherokee sports its trademark grille in chrome, 17 inch alloys and full length power sunroof. And regardless what you all may think of the old Jeep Cherokee this one is built for space. It's got a roomy cabin and the quality of the seats has improved much as well; so much that you can use the front passenger seat as a table by collapsing it forward.

This future of car lease specials sports a 2.8 liter engine CRD, which is also the same engine used in the Grand Voyager from the Chrysler family as well. 127 bhp and five-speed auto box means that you can get some serious acceleration speed. Of course, you will still end up feeling just how much of a diesel it is when you recognize the rumbling. Suspension is new and its handling of both ascent and descent are almost perfect.

The new Jeep Chrysler is one of the car lease specials you should be looking forward to. Whether it will stand up against other mid-sized SUVs in the market is still something to see but it's definitely one that will stay in the books of car lease specials in dealerships nationwide.

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