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Car Lease Specials: Fiat 500 Estate

Italy's giant, Fiat, is set to release yet another of their mini car lease specials with the Fiat 500 Estate. Although it's due out in 2010, Fiat is confident enough to already start showing pictures of it to the world (view link below to see pics). By the looks of it, this mini car might look a tad too small but it’s promised to pack a little extra.

The pictures don't give up too much of the car but it's built to be quite spacious for its class even though it has no rear passenger doors. What consumers can expect is a two-door city challenger with a sleek tailgate and an extended roofline. It’s the raised roof that will offer lots of headroom front and back, also providing more luggage space, making this car sensible and practical. It's speculated that the car will carry the same Giardiniera logo that were worn by the Sixties, a range that has most likely inspired the current design of the Fiat 500. Fiat hopes to keep development costs down by using the same front and wheelbase found on the Giardiniera, and it definitely isn’t something to complain about. The new model will have a more upright tail and alloy roof rails to set it apart from its predecessor hatchback.

This one of many car lease specials from Fiat won't be the first of new mini hatchbacks to be introduced to the world. The firm has already brought to the showroom its new vision for the Castagna, another city car that is built for the load. Fiat has always been known to be a tough competitor with any class of vehicle, having deisng a whole range of mini's in the past.

As far as power is concerned, customers will have the choice of a 69 horsepower 1.2 liter gas car and a more powerful 100 horsepower 1.4 liter or 75 horsepower 1.3 liter multijet diesel engine. Should the demand rise, Fiat is prepared to release an Abarth version of the Estate but until then, expect to see this wondrous of car lease specials unleashed in the 2009 Geneva expo and in showrooms in 2010.

Pictures of the Fiat 500 Estate here.

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