Car Lease Specials: A Peek At The Nissan Murano »

Car Lease Specials: A Peek At The Nissan Murano

Our car lease specials radar has picked up that Nissan has already introduced the 2009 Nissan Murano at an auto show in California. The Japanese automobile company displayed their latest innovation at the LA International Auto Show. The Nissan Murano 2009 is only in its second generation in the mid-size SUV category but already it seems to be crossing over to being something else. Nissan points out that their latest model would like to feature more of its business like features rather than its sporty looks and performance.

Physically, this future of car lease specials doesn't look very new. In fact, it still takes on the shape and form of the current Murano only that its structure is based loosely on the 2008 Altima from the same company. The new technology used in this Murano, however, promises better performance and less vibration that the Murano that we know of today. Another difference in physical features is that the 2009 modification sports a sexy looking grill, wider headlights, a slightly redesigned tail and larger taillights as well.

The interior is a great improvement but this doesn't come to a surprise with all car manufacturers really looking into beefing up their cars from the inside out. The new Murano will have a whole new instrument panel on its dash, a new steering wheel, heated front seats, a 60/40 configuration of foldable rear seats and a power return feature. Storage still won't be a problem and it looks like we will expect more space from the newer model as it does look hollower on the inside. A new navigation system with graphic interface and a Bluetooth hands free phone system will be included as well as a new DVD Mobile Entertainment system with a roof mounted screen. Its safe to say that this car lease special is pretty "pimped out."

Nissan seems to have also focused a lot on the safety features of their latest machine as it has 12.6 inch front and 12.1 inch rear vented disc brakes, a 4-wheel, 4-sensor anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution and brake assist. And if that's not enough to help stop a vehicle, there are six airbags that come as a standard, including those up front, mounted in the roof, and in the sides.

Available early in 2008, the Murano 2009 might not be enough to cause a media frenzy but like its 1st generation sibling, it's definitely here to stay.

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