Buick Regal Is Better than Accord, Sonata, Even XE »

Buick Regal Is Better than Accord, Sonata, Even XE

It's time to rethink Buick. Yes, it's still an "entry-level" luxury brand. The primary feel of every Buick is still rather soft and domesticated. There's still no Buick you cannot imagine your grandma driving. But think about it. Unless you drive a Hellcat or a Rubicon, you're not really driving anything your grandma wouldn't drive anyway. And Buick has made huge strides to update its brand. The commercials may or may not be convincing but hear us out. The Buick Regal is top-notch even when compared to the Hyundai Accord, Hyundai Sonata and Jaguar XE. Here's why.

Engine and Transmission

AWD Regal models come equipped with 8-speed transmissions whereas 9-speed transmission comes with front-wheel-drive variants. Both are twin clutch. By the way, the all-wheel drive we're talking about is the real deal. None of that assistive braking stuff. This is actual torque vectoring all-wheel drive.

The most basic Regal has 250 horsepower, as does the top-of-the-line model. There's a lack of engine options here but 250 horsepower should work for most of us. We'll explain how this power compares to the Buick Regal's competitors later.


The most basic Regal comes with 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, keyless entry, a seven-speaker audio system, LED daytime running lights, and a 7-inch touchscreen, says Motor Trend. You won't have the typical luxury (now becoming standard across the board) safety features like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist unless you purchase a driver confidence package that can be added onto the GS trim. The Regal's exceptionalism isn't due to technology, but it's not behind the times.

Styles and Options

One of the most exciting new developments in the Buick repertoire are the new Sportback and TourX (wagon) styles. These designs are refreshing and attractive. They're also practical and roomy, making both variants great family cars.

Options become available at the Preferred trim ($27K) and include Bose speakers, premium infotainment system, rear park assist, power moonroof, remote start, lane change alert, wireless charging, and a line of safety features such as lane keep assist.

Why Is it Worth the Price?

It may be true that manufacturers like Hyundai offer better warranties than Buick's 4-year, 50,000 mile policy. And yes, the Buick starts at about $4,000 higher than the Hyundai Sonata. But does the base Sonata come with a standard leather-wrapped steering wheel and a 250-hp turbocharged engine? Is the cabin as quiet as the Buick? Is it so efficient it can get 21 mph in the city and 29 on the highway? The answer to those questions is no. In fact, the Hyundai maxes out at 245 horsepower, with the 2.0T trim. As for the Jaguar XE, you have to pay just under $40,000 to get 247 horsepower. The next lowest option is only 180. Accord? $30,000 for their 2.0T, 252-horsepower trim. The Regal clearly has a power advantage and does not fall short in other categories.

All things considered, the $26,000 starting price of the Regal is low and the more luxurious trims are also priced low. But that doesn't mean you have to pay the MSRP. What you want to do is get quotes from all of your local dealers to ensure you take the lowest possible price, which could be a few thousand dollars less than the advertised price. Buicks still don't sell as well as other brands. That means you might be able to get a discount just for being interested in one. Compare local quotes and choose where to do business.

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