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BMW X2 Price and Specs

Welcome to 2018. This year, you'll be able to choose from a seemingly endless number of SUVs and crossovers. They just keep coming out of nowhere! Thankfully, someone at BMW is really giving their new vehicles some thought instead of dropping another bland CR-V lookalike. On the other hand, well, the X2 isn't exactly groundbreaking. Do these specs looks familiar?

  • $38,400
  • 228 hp
  • 2.0L Turbo 4-cylinder
  • 21.6 - 50.1 ft3 (w/ seats down) cargo area
  • 8-speed automatic

The X2 is 3 inches lower than the X1 and 3.2 inches shorter in length, making it really look and feel more like a sporty hatchback than an SUV. Because the X2 is sportier, it does lose some practicality. It has about 7ft3 less space than the X1, making it a little less useful for road trips. Overall, though, the X2 shares a lot in common with the X1. The wheelbase is the same, the dash is the same and the horsepower is the same, for example.

If you're wondering why you would want to buy an X2 instead of an X1, it's the design. Whereas the X2 looks like a run-of-the-mill luxury crossover, the X1 has a fresher look. It recalls recent designs from other manufacturers, such as the Kia Niro and Hyundai Kona, but is a little less juvenile. Sorry, can't think of a better adjective. There's nothing wrong with a youthful feel but the X2 fits in with the likes of the Jaguar F-Pace and other mature crossovers, if you will.

Although the X2 has a manufacturer's suggested retail price, it's not what you should pay for the vehicle. Get some price quotes from local dealers. Ask one of them to bring their price down to beat another dealer's price. A little preparation could save you lots of money.

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