A Car Leasing Guide on Fords New Focus ST »

A Car Leasing Guide on Fords New Focus ST

As far as Ford is concerned, they probably have one of the most successful hatchback cars on the market. The Ford Focus ST sells to a worldwide market and has been a bestseller to the European market for years. This car leasing guide can find no reason why it shouldn't do well for the American market as well.Unlike many models in the Ford line-up, the Focus takes a new turn in design and in engineering. Curvaceous, sleek, and definitely aimed at a young and quick on-the-go market, the Focus features many sophisticated elements such as multi-link rear suspension (this car leasing guide reveals Ford’s name for it, the "Control Blade") for top of the line handling and a smooth ride. What made it such a bestseller is that Ford was also able to pack in a whole lot of technology in an affordable package using materials that would not jack up the price through the roof.

Many critics have often commented on the smooth ride and handling of the Ford Focus ST (very new, very posh, same old Ford) and they have all but said the same thing: it's superior to many vehicles in its class. Any car leasing guide will show you that the new Ford Focus ST will be available in 3-door and 5-door hatchback forms. Seemingly revised physically, the new ST packs a new set of headlights, a new-styled grille, and fog lights integrated into the front bumper that seems to have a larger air intake which is just as well as one can expect more speed and safety. The rear also sports a bumper and its tail looks like it was built to handle speed much better than previous models. Get a car leasing guide to get a more specific look at the manufacture and design of the new ST today.

The interior standards seem to have changed and improved as well, with new stereo and ventilation controls, optional keyless entry features, and also an optional "power" button that can be set into the front console to help start and stop the car. The style of the car is not overly apparent and die-hard fans of the Focus ST will be glad to know that the new Focus will still be beyond par of standards when it comes to performance. A future car leasing guide will probably point out that most buyers of the Focus will not be able to tell the difference from the previous Focus, and with Ford not making any obvious name changes, the only real difference will be how much sleeker the car looks from its predecessor. That being said, the Focus ST that's due out early next year will sport the same 2.5- liter turbo engine.

Due out in March 2008, the new Ford Focus ST looks to be quite the charmer. A definite on the waiting list of many European folk, get a car leasing guide on this model as soon as it hits American shores and get to know what all the fuss is about.

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