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3 Car Lease Secrets to Remember Before You Lease

Spring is here and so are the low lease deals that preclude the summer weather. There are a lot of choices for leasing a new vehicle for much less than you would pay per month if you purchased it. But you must be careful of the fine print or you may spend more than you anticipated.

Secret #1
Negotiation Is Necessary

Many of those who want to lease a vehicle may believe that you do not negotiate the price. That is untrue as there are a few points of negotiation through the process. The total cost, interest rate and initial down payment can all be negotiated to lower amounts that can save you money immediately prix viagra pharmacie france. Knowing what automakers are offering in current lease incentives is also helpful to reduce costs.

Secret #2
Calculate All Costs

Knowing a few key details can save you thousands over the two or three year lease term. A lessee must calculate how many miles they drive per year. If that total is over 10,000-12,000 miles per year, you may be subject to additional per mile costs that range from 10 cents and up. Also, your insurance costs may be different, so check with your car insurance agent to see if there will be a monthly increase. Lastly, some vehicles will have return or disposal fees at the end of the lease, so make sure your car is kept very clean and figure those possible costs in.

Secret #3
Know Your Strengths

Knowing what strengths you have in vehicle lease negotiation is arguably the most important. Competition for vehicle sales has rarely been stronger during our economic recovery. Receiving new vehicle lease quotes from www.carleasingsecrets.com can be used to negotiate a lower total cost with other dealerships, saving you hundreds to possibly thousands of dollars during your lease!

So before you go car lease shopping this spring, get your car lease quotes from www.carleasingsecrets.com.

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