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Many people raise their eyebrows when someone talks about new car leasing as they think it’s just another way dealers have created to squeeze money out of their pockets. The truth is that leasing is a very good alternative if you want to pay low monthly payments. Still, this doesn’t mean that all lease deals are good ones, if a lease deal sounds too good to be true it’s because it probably is. You should carefully review every car lease deal that’s offered to you, and learn how to negotiate for the best lease price. Most lease deals are very good offers that you just can’t simply turn away because you don’t know what leasing is all about. Nowadays car manufacturers are giving special leasing incentives that include no security deposits and low down payments cars lease deals.

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Leasing a Good Way to Save Money

One of the biggest benefits that leasing offers to customers is the chance to drive home a brand new car without handing in a big amount of money when they sign the lease contract. If any amount is due at signing, it is usually much less than the down payment that’s necessary for buying. Keep in mind that you’re only paying for a portion of the car, just for the part you use. Your lease monthly payments are usually determines based on the vehicle’s residual value. Be a savvy customer, choose a vehicle with a high residual value, this will mean that you will pay a smaller percentage of the total price of the vehicle.

More Car, More Often with a Lease

It’s not only about the price tag and the monthly payments, leasing a car is also about enjoying a brand new car every two or three years. Avoid any headaches related to car repairs or maintenance.

Leasing terms are usually from 24 to 72 months. Still the best lease deals are offered in the range between 24 and 36 months. Remember, the older the car gets, the lower value it will have, meaning higher monthly payments to you.

Enjoy a Luxury Car For a Low Monthly Payment & No Money Down
Luxury cars make the best car lease deals. It’s simple; they have higher residual values as they depreciate in a much slower way. You pay for that small part of the car you are using that will depreciate.

Although leasing makes high end autos more affordable, there are plenty of leasing deals available for lower priced vehicles as well with no down payment involved either.

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