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Underwater tunnel in West Bengal setto open in March 2023

The first underwater train in India is expected to be completely operating in Kolkata by March 2023 - the much-awaited underwater tunnel in West Bengal, will be ready for India’s first underwater metro train . The East and West corridors will be linked by a 500-meter-long twin tunnels, that will feature entrances and walkways for evacuation in the event of an emergency.

The underwater underpass, lying 13 meters below the Hooghly riverbed with twin tunnels and boasting 1.4-metre-wide concrete rings and hydrophilic gaskets, is built with materials that reduce water permeability. The concept is already being compared to the Eurostar, the famous train that connects London and Paris via the Channel Tunnel. According to reports, the train will travel at an incredible depth, similar to that of a 10-story building underwater.

The train will significantly reduce travel time. The Kolkata Green Line is now just 6.97 kilometers long, connecting Phoolbagan and Sector V in east Kolkata. Despite the fact that the train will traverse a greater distance from Sector V to Howrah, under the Hooghly river, in just 27 minutes - all as a result of the new developments.

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