Determine if Auto Leasing is Right For You – Part 3 »

Determine if Auto Leasing is Right For You – Part 3

The last post was about the relevance of your credit score in terms of auto leasing. The first post was about determining your monthly income.

Now, we will talk about other important categories to consider in order to determine if auto leasing is right for you.

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Still can’t make up your mind? Read on.

Category 3: Lease a New Car or Buy a Used Car?

All of us want to drive a brand new car. Nothing comes close to the sensation of driving a new car—not to mention the alluring scent of a car that is delivered fresh from the factory.

However, the cost of acquiring a new car nowadays is not similar to buying a new car in the 1960’s. The average price of a small compact car now hovers in the $12,000 to $20,000 range. Compare that to the cost of a car in 1965, which was only around $2,600.

Car buyers cannot be blamed for purchasing a used car instead. Can you expect college students to spend $14,000 on a brand new car? This is where auto leasing will prove handy.

In an ideal world, people from all walks of life should be driving a new car. The truth remains, however, that the current state of the global economy has prevented millions of people from living an ‘ideal life.’

What does a new car symbolize? Does it symbolize wealth? Does it mean that you are on your way up?
Modern cars, despite being more expensive and complicated than your grandfather’s old clunker, are more fuel efficient, lightweight, and easier to drive. They tend to last longer, too.

New cars are also clean-burning as well. Technology gave us the power to drive better cars without totally poisoning the air.

We find nothing wrong with buying a used car. Although you will have to be extra careful before handing over your hard-earned cash to a used car salesman, because you have no idea if the car was treated properly by the previous owner.

For those who want to avoid the headaches associated with used car buying, we offer auto leasing as an acceptable and economical option.

Leasing a car is not complicated at all. You just need to choose the car that is right for your needs, and ask for multiple online lease quotes. Study and compare the prices in order to determine the right leasing deal that you can truly afford.

We will talk more about auto leasing in the next post.

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